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05-04-2006, 06:18 PM

I'm working on a little project with a bs2 and a Melexis 90217 Hall-Effect Sensor
<!-- unit price -->But it doesn't work.
Here is the program whats wrong???<!-- unit price -->

' {$STAMP BS2}
Hall· VAR· Word
RPM·· VAR· Word
Hallsensor:··············· 'label
COUNT 5,1000,Hall········· 'tellen pulsen hall sensor opslaan als variabel
RPM= Hall * 60············ 'Variabel= hall(var) * 60 (*60 om per minuut te zetten)
again:···················· 'label
INPUT 14·················· 'klem 14 als ingang
IF IN14 = 1 THEN lcd······ 'als 14 hoog is dan gaat toerental weergegeven worden
IF IN14 = 0 THEN again1··· 'als 14 laag is dan gaat hij eerst de lcd clearen en dan de stand v/d schakelaar checken
lcd:······················ 'label lcd
SEROUT 15, 32, [12]······· 'clearen display op klem 15
PAUSE 100················· 'pauze
SEROUT 15,32, [RPM]···· 'toerental weergeven
PAUSE 100················· 'pauze
GOTO again:··············· 'terug controleren of de schakelaar 0/1 geeft
again1:··················· 'label
SEROUT 15, 32, [12]······· 'clearen display op klem 15
GOTO again················ 'ga naar label again
GOTO Hallsensor

Adrian Schneider
05-04-2006, 07:05 PM

First, you should attach code rather than just pasting it as it looses formatting.

You should also be more specific in your questions - however, what I can see is:
The line 'GOTO Hallsensor' is unreachable, thus the sensor is only read once at the beginning of the code. Maybe
removing that second 'GOTO again' before 'GOTO Hallsensor' will do.