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chris wp
04-29-2006, 06:06 PM
Hi all,
Im a newbie in using basic stamp or even any micro controller, but i have one job to be done. Which is connecting external eeprom with my pc via serial port.
I have to read/write this eeprom (microchip 24AA16), direct from my application (vb6). Is it possible to use basic stamp (i have bs2p).
Maybe the flow is like this

pc<--->rs232 port<--->basic stamp<------>eeprom

Is any body here can help me? or may be you have link that i can visit?

chris wp

Bruce Bates
04-29-2006, 07:34 PM
Chris -

You can certainly do what you're asking, and exactly as you proposed. I wouldn't ordinarily shy you away from a PBASIC Stamp solution, but there is something here to consider.

Some of the newer PC's have DIRECT I2C access right from the motherboard! You may want to check that possibility first on your PC, and then if that won't provide you with an appropriate solution, then look toward the PBASIC Stamp. The PBASIC Stamp BS2p is a fine platform to use, presuming it's of recent vintage. There were some restrictions with the earliest units regarding possible I2C constraints. This was corrected very early on, and is no longer a concern.

As far as the rest of your question, I'm sure there are examples available, but see what you may be able to do directly from your PC first. There are also plenty of people here willing to help you, so don't sweat that aspect!


Bruce Bates

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