View Full Version : ADC0834 with BS1-IC

Paul Verhage
04-26-2006, 09:14 PM
I'm designing a BalloonSat flight computer based on the BS-1IC. It will replace the seperate timer and Hobo datalogger tradiationally used. The flight computer I'm testing uses two 93LC66 EEPROMS (1k total memory) and an ADC0834. I'm using the BS1 sample code for the EEPROM and that works well. I've used the 0834 with a BS2 and get that to work well also.

But I'm having trouble with the BS1 making the 0834 work. I've converted the BS-2 shiftout command into a pulsout command used by the BS1. All I get is 1's from the BS1's attempt to shift in data.

Does anyone have ADC0834 code for the BS1?

Puzzled in Boise