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Rov Design
01-28-2006, 11:45 AM
Hi All

Can any one help me ?

Im looking for the following to be done using the stamp controller if its possible

This is what i want to do i have an analoge joystick using 2 10K Pots for FWD and Left & Right movments and a further pot for upand down motor movements, my senario is im trying to construct a control system for a small underwater ROV wing motors with propellers on them thus 2 motors for FWD/REV - Left-Right etc and the final POT for up and down, now what i need is to know as im not familiar with stamp, can you use the stamp to process the joystick so that the motors have propotional movment and are able to change direction for fwd - Rev etc can this be done using a sramp and a motor controller and how do you intergrat the joystick >?

my control circuit using the PIC went on fire i need a replacemtn i can build of the shelf as i dont have time to redesign this controler

i have attached my last schematics of what i need on the control board

your help in this matter is appricated

ps my web is www.interspec.34sp.com to check out what im doing might give you a better idea

Russell K Coffield


Bruce Bates
01-28-2006, 01:04 PM
Russell -

You shouod be able to find everything you need at the link below, including the joystick interface. I've used these motor control boards before, I've been quite happy with them, and also with their service and assistance.


Bruce Bates