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01-25-2006, 04:52 AM
As you can no doubt tell by the title, Im very new to the world of component electronics, although I am a freelance programmer and cs student. That is why instead of building a 100+ part pulse generator, I decided to use a parallax homework board and program my way to the result.

so far generating the pulse is easy


FREQOUT 9, 36000, 930


what I can't quite figure out is how to get that pulse back into the main current I am running. I need a current 6v @ 900hz (amps really doesn't matter, I'm at the mercy of a 6v lantern battery). The output from the board is only around 3v.

I'm thinking a transistor, using the board output as the gate, but would that get what I want? 900hz seems awefully fast to be switching on/off.

Thanks all!

01-25-2006, 05:28 AM
How about a mosfet 2N7000 , this one up to 350mA Similar mosfets over 10 amps if you need that high. Only 5 nanoseconds turn on and 7 nanoseconds turn off so a billion / 12 is 83.3 million, so unless you want to go over say 40 mhz you will be just fine.

Perhaps just use a 555 timer, simple instructions on this site a few caps and resistors and your done.


I too am a programmer from way back but playing with hardware is similar to software just harder to understand at first I think because you need to understand so much more than Print "Hello World" to start with, and the huge redundancy of chips that do the same thing but each having their own reason to exist, low power drain, small footprints, all the 3D stuff you dont have to worry about in software. Then there is physics and that whole ball of wax you have to have a basic understanding of if you want to actually make a product not only work but make it not blow things up if it gets zapped with static or some other particle flying through space. I say this because I am lucky to have a brother inlaw that is a very good electronics brain and the stuff that I learn from him is truly awsome.

Think outside the BOX!

PJ Allen
01-25-2006, 06:22 AM

If you can find something more than a 6V lantern battery, you could try this circuit (a 9V battery would be good.)

The output is inverted (narrow pulse in = wide pulse out; wide pulse in = narrow pulse out.)