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01-23-2006, 03:29 AM
I am a senior electrical engineering student at the citadel and I am trying to build a wirelessly controled submersible vehicle with a closed loop depth sensing feedback system.· I am probably the biggest novice in this forum when it comes to basic stamps.· I would like to use the board of education and the BS2e.· I will be connecting the eb500 bluetooth transciever as the wirless component of my project.· My promblem is that the modules signal strength is heavly attenuated by the water.· So, I will float the module itself to the surface.· My question is what type of conductor can I use to connect the 10 pin eb500 module to my board of education.· Also, the conductor must be approximately 12 feet long with 10 separate wires.· Does anyone know if the length of the conductor will destroy the signal recieved by the eb500 module traveling to the board of education appmod slot?· I also have some other aside questions:

1.· Does anyone know of an underwater·ultrasonic transducer or pressure guage·that will seamlessly connect with the BS2e?

2.· How do I control the·propulsion throught the eb500 module realtime and have the depth sensing running in the background?· Is this possible?

3.· Has anyone created a GUI with labview for real time control of a basic stamp?

4.· Does anyone have experience with bluetooth vitrual instruments in labview and how they connect with the eb500 bluetooth transciever?

5.· Also any advice on this project is most welcomed.· Thanks

Raymond Ball

Chris Savage
01-23-2006, 08:07 AM
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