View Full Version : Using IR to turn a Jvc TV on

01-13-2006, 12:40 AM
иииииии I am a student that needs help with using the basic stamp to turn on a Jvc tv. i have tested IR communications between to two basic stamps. i have the frequencys for the jvc which are, 0053, 681, 081, 122, 399, 221, 218, 220, 064. I just need to know where to start, how to start the code to be able to do this. i have made basic stamp projects before, but i need help with this because this is more complicating then anything i have done.

Jon Williams
01-14-2006, 12:23 AM
You need to locate the protocol for the television you're wanting to control -- if it uses SIRCS (not likely) or RC-5 (possible) then you may be able to do it.и If RC-5, you'll need to use the IR BUDDY product, as the BASIC Stamp can't generate RC-5 code on its own.и Another (advanced) possibility is using the SX as a coprocessor.

Jon Williams
Applications Engineer, Parallax