View Full Version : Quadravox QV356M4 sound board problems (again)

08-17-2005, 07:28 PM
Hi, that's the second time I post my problem on this forum, hope it wouldn't bother anybody, but i'm really desperate.
I have this QV356M4 sound board, and I try to load my own sounds into the board. I use the QV300S2 software, the board is linked to the PC and connected to a basic stamp. I'm sure all the connections are fine and also the recording mode switch on the board is in the RS232 position.
When I try to load the sounds from the software into the board, the red LED on the board goes ON, so the recording is happening. The problem is I can't play those sounds. I tried to play them with the software, using the PLAY button, but all I get from the board is some white noise (which lasts about the lenght of the file). The software settings are fine, and also I've tried to load the sample files that came with the software.
I know that it's an old product, but please, if you have any ideas, solutions, anything, leave a message.

Thanks a lot.