View Full Version : Agilent HCMS-29xx Dot Matrix Display

08-16-2005, 03:50 AM
I have a few HCMS-2911 Dot Matrix Display modules (8 char, 8x5 dots/char). They have a neat appearance and the dot matrix seems very flexible for all kinds of characters, numbers and even some graphics. I have all the necessary data sheets.

Has anybody any experience with interfaceing this type of display to a Basic Stamp 2 ?
Has anybody written some code for the BS2 that he would be willing to share?

All input is greatly appreciated.


Paul Baker
08-16-2005, 11:43 PM
I have worked with the HDLG-2416, which is a 4 char parallel version of the display you are using. The timing was a little finicky (I had to make some times longer than the spec sheet specified), but I used an SX to do the interfacing, the Stamp shouldn't have this problem since it is much slower. You'll want to use the SHIFTIN and SHIFTOUT commands to feed data to/from the display. There is nothing about the display that would prevent it from being interfaced with a stamp. Just try to start will minimal functionality (sending a character to the display, ignore functions such as blinking or brightness), once you have the minimal functionality working, you can then consider increasing the number of functions used by your stamp. Since my code was written in SX assembler, plus the fact that it is for the parallel version of the display, it would be of no help to you.