View Full Version : EmbeddedBlue 500 (EB500) connection via Nokia Cell phones SYMBIAN OS

08-14-2005, 10:59 PM
Hi,·my name is Allan from the Philippines. I'm developing a project that uses the EB500 Bluetooth Transceiver to be connected to my Nokia model 7650 and N-Gage QD cellular phone in which already had built in bluetooth TRX to control a MOBOT with simple instructions.

I·did tried the EB500 to work with my EPOX Dongle Bluetooth adapter and it works PERFECT on connections where in·I'm only using·the hyperterminal to see what's going on the screen·on both TRX. But when I am to connect the EB500 TRX to my 2 Nokia cell phones, it displays a message "cannot connect" but detects those units. Why is it so?

As I've read the manual on the EB500 where in there are some examples on different·devices like communicating on HP·iPAQ h1940, I noticed that Visual C++ 4.0 and SDK's·are needed in order to have a successfull connection on both TRX. I went to Nokia and other cellular phone manufacturers Tech support web site·and I saw that most cellular Phones nowadays works with SYMBIAN OS and they offer that SDK C++ 6.0 softwares on their web site.·Does·my Nokia cellular phones·should have those installed?

I only wanted to control my MOBOT using ASCII codes and I've done it as I've said on hyperterminal using another TRX which is the EPOX dongle adapter.
How would I control my MOBOT using my different Nokia cell phones? Is it possible?

Thanks in advance,