View Full Version : Inventory system

Heath Lovell
06-13-2005, 10:33 PM
···· I am staring a new project with my stamp.· I am wanting for a user to be able to enter a product # and for the stamp to control an appartus to remove the item from a shelf.· I am starting off small at first.· The area is about 7' X 5' with about 10 shelfs.· Each product is in a small 3" x· 3" plastic box.· Weight is very small.

Here is what I could use some input on.
1)· Where can I·get some linear rails, lead screws, belts, etc.· that I can use with some common stepper motors.· I·am just starting out so I·don't want to spend a lot of money.··Even the small systems that are showing up in the coke bottle vending machines would probably be okay.

2)· Where could I get a good gripper·hand to·grab onto the box?· I have thought about just·using the wrist from the Lynx arm.· Eventually, I would like to put a sensor on the arm so I could detect the distance from the box.

Any other comments, suggestions, previous projects, etc. are appreciated.