View Full Version : Basic Stamp and the new Parallax Servo Controller (USB)

06-10-2005, 06:53 AM

I want to buy the new Parallax Servo Controller (USB).
I want to connect the servo controller to my Basic Stamp,
and I need to know if this is possible because I can
see that the new Servo Controller (USB) has an USB

I understand that it may be conected to a PC directly
(without a Basic Stamp) but I want to use the basic stamp.

I this possible?

Thanks, Joe http://forums.parallax.com/images/smilies/confused.gif

Ryan Clarke
06-10-2005, 07:07 AM
Joe, check out the *.pdf here:


Check out page 8- It tells you how to do what you are asking...


Chris Savage
06-10-2005, 09:11 AM

Other than the addition of the USB Port, it is the same as the original PSC for the most part. Think of buying the USB version as getting a BONUS...Free USB connection! =)

Chris Savage
Parallax Tech Support
csavage@parallax.com (mailto:csavage@parallax.com)

Ryan Clarke
06-10-2005, 10:25 AM
And right now FREE servos to boot.