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06-05-2005, 09:57 AM
I have a project with a STAMP BS1 and four Winbond ISD 1100 ChipCorder voice chips. Each of the four voice chips holds a particular message. The BS1 monitors several inputs and based upon the input turns on the appropriate voice chip by turning on power via its power relay. I went this route instead of using the more expensive ChipCorder chips and having to deal with addressing. This part of the project is working fine.

I need help with two things. I have two 8-ohm inout speakers that I want to connect to these four voice chips but do not know how (where all four ChipCorder chips are always connected to the speakers). There is also the issue that the·voice chips call for a 16-ohm load.

The other thing is what size amp I need to drive these two wall speakers. They will be about 60 feet from the voice chips. Can someone suggest an amp IC/schematic or module that would work. I don't mind building a small amp circuit from discrete components. Will need to know how to connect it between the four voice chip outputs and the two wall speakers.


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I'de like to thank everyone for their input. You have provided me with a wide range of options for me to select from, and I believe I can now proceed. Thanks again!