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05-22-2005, 10:20 PM
Hi All,
I'm looking for a project enclosure along the lines of the one in the picture (you have to open the pic and look at the enclosure i have the arrow pointing to. i'm only looking for the enclosure to hold the LCD - keypad and electronics). The screen size is not proportionate to the one I've ordered, I'm using a 12.1 inch LCS screen ( the 5.7 i was planning on using is way to small). Does anyone have any idea of where I can find something? Also, while i'm asking. I dug up an old PC power supply that has a built in cooling fan. Would this be a good choice for powering a 12 volt LCD display and the super carrier board?
P.S. I started dinking with the ezvid2 last night and i really dig this thing. I had it hooked to my 13" color tv in the garage and wrote a couple little programs to get familiar with the code. Then I brought it in to the house and hooked it to my LCD HD projection TV and WOW, the pixels were super defined. On the tube TV, there was some wash out around the pixels edges (as to be expected).. but when hooked to the LCD, they were sharp and crisp. I'm curious to see how it will look on the 12.1" LCD. I didn't get to play with much on the big screen because I was interupting my daughters MTV show ( you have to imagine getting yelled at by your kids to really appreciate the love).. And my wife wonders why I spend so much time in the garage.. :)


John Foreman

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