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05-20-2005, 07:47 AM

First post for me.
I have the Basic Discovery Kit. Went through all the projects, was a lot of fun.
Now not so fun.
I picked up a stepper motor from your recent ebay auctions that has the 6 wires. I followed the thread
and looked at the 2-2 Phase 12v Unipolar Stepper which does have the right colored wires.
My problem is when I hook it up according to that doc, the motor, when using Stepper_27964.bs2 code, does not turn but jitters in place.

My setup:
BOE with BS2
pin4 - pin1(2003A)
pin5 - pin2
pin6 - pin3
pin7 - pin4

two brown (middle of each group of three wires on top of motor) wires in two of three VIN slots.

pin9(2003A) to VSS

I have tried switching the order but to no avail but I don't wish to damage any components so I'd rather ask for advice or comments before I switch anything else.


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Chris Savage
05-20-2005, 11:28 AM

·· Pin 9 should be going to Vin, not Vss,·Pin 8 is Vss (Ground). ·Also, did you also connect pin 9 of the ULN to Vin?· Can you attach your code?

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