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05-17-2005, 10:10 AM
We are doing a senior class project utilizing the microcontroller. We have a small scale house
with a programmable heating and cooling system. We are utilizing the DS1620. I have a program for the temperature but how do combine another program and also we would like to have a set temp and energize and de-energize. We also have a fan that needs to be programmed as well. We also have two servos that control our heat side and cool side. Any help would be very beneficial to our project.

Chris Savage
05-17-2005, 10:14 AM

It's not a matter so much of combining another program as integrating the routines you need from the DS1620 code into your own code. Then you can add routines for the Relay. I would recommend reading the "What's A Microcontroller?" text, a free download in PDF format from our website. It will help you understand how to program the BASIC Stamp better. A link is posted below.


Click the PDF link at the bottom of the page.

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