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03-04-2005, 11:05 PM
If this is supported by Parallax, Why is it that you answer some peoples questions but not all?

03-04-2005, 11:20 PM
Gee, whiz, I haven't found a SINGLE question on the board that doesn't get answered eventually. What question did you post that didn't get answered?

And no profanity or other objectionable content, please, the board does have rules after all.

To my personal knowledge, Jon Williams of Parallax has answered questions on SATURDAYs and SUNDAY's for heaven's sakes. This is one of the best monitered and moderated boards I've EVER been on in five years of monitoring such things.

Oh, and by the way, starting a question with "IF" is one of those Deborah Tannen "poisonous questions". Like "If you're so smart, why aren't you rich.", or "If you really loved me, you would..." -- that sort of thing. You might want to re-phrase your question into a less-poisonous form next time.

Update: Fixed spelling of "poisonous"

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03-04-2005, 11:22 PM
I'm not affiliated with Parallax in any way except that I buy their product.

But let me say they're far better than a majority of other companies when it comes to support.

I noticed your other thread about interfacing a stepper motor to a BS2.

If you've never used a stamp before, then I'd suggest you start with the "What's A Microcontroller" text that is "freely" downloadable from Parallax's website.· While you're on their site....take a gander around and you will see plenty of literature that's free for the taking and I'm certain there are some stepper motors examples in some of their text.

A 'Search' of these forums would probably turn something up as well!!· Sometimes you have to do a bit of exploring on your own so you get to know where things are!· Just my $0.02


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Bruce Bates
03-04-2005, 11:24 PM
NWUpgrades -

This is indeed supported by Parallax as their Support Forum. Sometimes questions can be answered by other users just as easily and just as accurately as might be done by Parallax employees. No questions are purposely ignored, and all will be addressed sooner or later, and as promptly as is possible. If a question is answered accurately there is really no need for a Parallax employeed to reiterate the same answer, thus not every question may receive a "genuine" Parallax response.

This forum is not the only responsibilty that most Parallax employees have, thus not every question will be answered by a Parallax employee. They certainly are the final word however.

Let me assure you that in my experience there is no better customer support than that offered by Parallax to their customers and on a world-wide basis as well. It is one of the their primary assets, and something in which they have a good deal of pride, and rightfully so.

I am not a Parallax employee, but am a very satisfied customer for going on ten years. I also help other users as I has originally helped when I first became a customer many years ago. Not that it matters, but I have over 20 years in customer support, so helping others comes naturally to me.


Bruce Bates

03-04-2005, 11:26 PM
I do not work for Parallax so I cannot speak for Parallax.

You just started posting fairly recently.

"I have a Homework Board by Parallax. I am doing a little experimenting and could use some help. WHat I am doing is placing 2 ea. 4 pin pushbuttons on a board to rotate CW and CCW. I have this operation completed, and the program runs correctly. My next issue is this. I plan to write software to control the pushbuttons via a mouse. What do I need to replace the pushbuttons so the mouse can control if they are on or off, and how do i wire to get from board to computer and vice versa? Thanks if you can help. "

"Jon, I am looking for a bit of help. Although I have been building computers for years, I am just now getting into circuit boards, etc. I have a project I am working on for a pan and tilt system. Using the homework board I have figured out how to do this controlling each of 2 motors with a pushbutton move CW when one is pressed and counter clockwise when the other is pressed. My question is this, how do I make it so a could control the motors rather than the pushbuttons? I somewhat understand about the programming, etc. but I am not sure what to use in this situation. Thanks in advance for any help.

"Does anyone know of a simple program to make a stepper motor rotate at various speeds CW and CCW? I have the Homework Board and a BiPolar stepper Controller. The stepper controller has 2 wires, one for step and the other for direction. I do know about programming, but I just need a simple solution to get started. Thanks in advance for any help."

Here are your questions(above)
Alot of this hobby isnt about getting a easy answer
its about trying,troubleshooting,researching, ect
you dont learn if you dont do the above
Parallaxs support is excellent, but that cant always answer ever question.
esecially if you can find the answer by simple research
did you try google did you try searching the forums, did you try looking a example programs on there site.



Ken Gracey
03-04-2005, 11:31 PM

Regarding your other post about stepper motors, be sure to see all of these resources:

http://www.parallax.com/detail.asp?product_id=27964·- documentation shows how to interface a 12V unipolar stepper motor http://www.parallax.com/dl/docs/books/sw/exp/ComeON.pdf·- example from StampWorks http://www.parallax.com/dl/appnt/stamps/bs1Appnotes.pdf·- BASIC Stamp 1 AppNotes

There's more on the web, too.

Ken Gracey
Parallax, Inc.

03-04-2005, 11:34 PM
Ahh, now see, that's the Parallax we all know and love. Thanks all, and thanks Ken.

Beau Schwabe
03-04-2005, 11:37 PM
I might point out, that depending on the level of difficulty of a question, or the amount of information that is provided in a question,
it might take a little while for an intelligent response. There are many times that I see a question, and I literally sleep on it until the next
day or even weeks down the road if it seems to be an ongoing theme. If I think I can give an answer at a later time then by all means I do
and I can safely say, that I'm probably not the only one that does this.

My best advise is to be patient, and perhaps provide as much information as you can concerning your question.

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03-05-2005, 03:32 AM
Hi all:
Here is my 2 cents (.02). This is an excellent forum. Guidance is given here, sometimes even direct solutions. If you are new have patience and learn. None of us learns if the answer is given. We learn through discovery. I rarely give my students a direct answer. I mostly answer with another question to guide them to the answer.

I also have to "sleep" on certain questions. The sweet thing about Parallax products is new applications come up all the time. This is cool