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02-27-2005, 04:56 PM
iam doing a project using bs2p40 and boe-bot speech board .the objective of my project is voice recording.now i had completed recording my own voice,i can play back it also.then i tried to download wave files into speech board using qv300s2 software ,i succeed in this part also.

I·am using a ribbon cable to connect the BOE BOT Speech board from the P40 Demo Board(basic stamp). The serial cable is connected to the P40 Demo Board. The switch in the Speech board was put to· both RS232 and S1.

·Currently my supervisor have adviced me to produce sound files from the speech board by using standard speech vocabulary instead of using QV300s2 software. but i was unable produce any results ,i tried to run two programs which is given in boe-bot speech board(27975) data sheet , the program is running but speech board is producing the sound of wave file which downloaded last using software·.·Waiting for your advice. Thank you