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02-09-2005, 01:22 AM
hi to all, new at this and planning to buy nx-1000 for school projects, but they use 2 modules to program 16F84, one is nx-1000 with picbasic, and the other module is "picmicro bus" to program in assembler using mplab ide, can we program pic16f84 using mplab and the nx-1000??, dont want to buy 2 programmers modules for the same pic..

thanks for your help..

02-09-2005, 08:42 PM
The NX-1000 is more for the Basic Stamp of course you could use all of the components for playing but its main purose is not just for programming its more for experimenting.· Also you are talking about PIC's and MPlab which this board will not work for programming, you'd have to make a circuit to do this.· There are many, many programmers out there for the PICs, google it.· Prices ranging from $12 to $1000's.· You may also want to try to get more info from


http://melabs.com/[/url] -they talk about picbasic and programmers for pics

·These forums are more for Basic stamps and Pbasic.

[url=http://www.parallax.com]www.parallax.com (http://www.melabs.com)