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03-21-2000, 03:02 AM
I to, have received the "email bouncing" notification from the stamp mailing
list. I wonder if egroups does not like mail.com in addition to the other
domains that have gotten the notification. On a whim, I registered and
checked the FAQ at the egroups site. I don't know if this will help anyone.
Quoting from the e-groups site:
What is a "bouncing" e-mail address?

A subscriber whose address is listed as "Bouncing" is one whose
e-mail host is reporting an error of some sort when we attempt to
deliver a message. This can be caused by temporary network
disconnects, running out of disk space for e-mail, non-payment of
an ISP bill, or in the case of students, graduation.

If after three days, all messages sent to a subscriber have
bounced, eGroups.com will stop attempting. The subscriber, if
registered, will still be able to come to the website and read the messages

For those times when a subscriber lets you know that their e-mail
account is working again, we provide a way to reset the bounce
status. Once the status is reset, the system will again try to
deliver each message, rather than just one per day.

It is not necessary or helpful in most cases to reset the bounce
status of a subscriber. It will be reset automatically as soon as
the e-mail address starts working again.

Anyone who has ever attempted to run a large e-mail distribution
list without the help of sophisticated "bounce processing" will know how
much trouble bad addresses can cause. Bad addresses
routinely get redelivered many times so they cost much more to
keep on a group than a valid subscriber. As a result, they could
slow down message delivery to people whose e-mail accounts
actually work.

------Original Message------
From: basicstamps-return-okay-gruntled=techie.@returns.egroups.com (http://forums.parallaxinc.com/group/basicstamps/post?postID=nhK1iF9TVon1VjP2qiSLVZ3mrRWNZKf67k9T05 YmQix3DBO693ycM4blaWTycZvbOs5eMJ8RAEMRT9bzFj_D9Iwf NbEYe5XI_cLpCVSsu8q8RMjd6nFfRij5CTZhEIfwjwCHjmOp)
Sent: March 20, 2000 6:09:55 AM GMT
Subject: WARNING: too many bounced messages

Messages to you from the basicstamps e-group seem to have been

If this message bounces too, a probe will be sent to you. If the
probe bounces, you will be removed from the basicstamps e-group,
without further notice.

The eGroups.com Team
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