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03-06-2012, 10:12 AM
Hello All!

I am new to WSN (Wireless Sensor Network). I am planning to do a project based on WSN. I already checked hardware for WSN but i didn't know how to choose hardware for my project...
What i want to do is designing a light-weighted access control mechanism in a sensor node or base station. i think it is possible to write a program in there...

So base on my work, which hardware will suit to write a program?

I am interested to buy a Lotus mote, but it is quite expensive.. I also interested in MICAz and IRIS0 but i didn't know how to choose from these two because both of them have advantage over each other llike more memory space in IRIS and hardware security (AES-128) is provided in MICAz.. So i don't know, how to decide it.

Are there any major problems to write a program in MICAz, IRIS and Lotus or any sensor node?

If all of you have any idea and solution based on my research work, you are more than welcome to give me advices, ideas and suggestions..

thanks in advance!
pho thar