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02-25-2012, 11:13 PM
If you have one of these chargers you may want to open it up and recap it

Here is how you tell if you have bad caps in your charger when you have it plug in and no battery in the charger and the red LED is flashing ( it sould be ON not flashing) and when you put the battery in the charger to be charge and ( the green LED is flashing this should happen ) but when you take the battery out of the charger the green LED stays ON it should go back to a red LED light


If you think that your battery pack are NOT getting fully charged

Lithium Ion Battery Chargers

I have two Ryobi One + Charging Center and one Craftsman C3 Li-Ion charger

I found the same cap in all 3 charger had pop it top 1000 uf @ 50 volts

Also if you have one these Lithium Ion Battery for one of these charger there is a problem with the mosfets in the battery pack they can be repaired

Here is how you tell if the mosfet are bad if you have grinder( which has the heaviest battery load of all of there tools ) and you try to run it and it runs for 1/2 a second and stop and when you let go of the switch and push the switch to run and it dose the same thing again your mosfets are bad

Ryobi battery use a IRF1404 mosfet and the Craftsman battery use a IRF1404X mosfet you need two of them for either brand of battery pack

I just fix four of the in the last week

If you are going to repair them PLEASE be care with Lithium Ion Battery charging boards they a little hard to do but it can be done you need a steady hand and take your time while you are doin this part

ALL battery leads to the Charging board need to unsolider fron the board before you can replace the mosfets <......THIS IS A MUST

One note both of these battery chargers have ( Atemal Mirocontroller not sure which one it hard read the # on the chip ) in them to control the charging rate / charging time