View Full Version : Delete Test, Please do not reply

Duane Degn
01-23-2012, 04:07 PM
I'm going to delete this thread. Please don't reply to this post.

Edit: I realized the forum software allow edits without including the "This post was lasted edited by" addition for several minutes. I'm going to wait a few minutes to delete this post. Again, Please don't reply because I'm pretty sure you can't delete the first post of a thread if there is a reply to it.

Edit: Is there a "This post was last edited by" yet? (Yes, there was.)

Edit: I was wrong. I don't see a way to delete this post. I knew you couldn't delte the first post of a thread if there were any replies, but I thought if there weren't any replies then it could be deleted.

Note to self: Be careful about starting new threads.