View Full Version : The continuing saga of my dealings with Say It

01-18-2012, 02:38 PM
This is the sequence I followed, with the results. I didn't include any commands because the commands in wordset 2 are what I want.
1. I open the Say-It GUI 2. I click on Wordset
2, those are the commands I want
3. The commands in wordset 2 show up in the right panel
4. I connect the USB turn the switch to No. 1
5. I connect the stamp.
6Get confirmation that stamp has been found and download software. The status bar is Blue and full.
7. I select each command in the right pane and click on test group. Each command turns green.
8. I then click on generate code and a file window comes up with the Say It.bs2 file.
9. I right click on the Say It file and a drop down window comes up with “ Open with Basic Stamp” I click on Open with basic stamp..
10. The Basic stamp come up with the Say It code loaded.
11 I disconnect the Say It GUI .
12. I run the code, Window show the download green
13. I disconnect USB
14. I say “ROBOT” and the LED come on as well as the debug window. It indicates that the voice module is awake and is waiting for trigger then times out.
15. I switch to number 2 and I say “robot” and the LED comes on, I say whatever I think the trigger might be, “Robot”, WS2” plus the wordset commands. That’s as far as I get. The debug screen keeps saying waiting for trigger and timing out.

I sent my problem to Parallax support and they wanted more info so I sent the above info to them

It would seem to me that if the SAY IT. bs2 code is a demo then I don't think I should have to add or change anything in the code.

Progress: I got it to respond, forward, right & left, but it's sporadic. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I'll keep at it. I assume the ball wheel is the back or rear, I have to say the trigger "robot" the led comes on then it goes off and comes on again if I say the command Forward then it move in the direction of the ball wheel which think is backward. If I say backward it doesn't respond. If I say "robot" the LED goes off and then comes on againand I say right or left and it responds.The trigger "robot" has to be said each time to give it a command. sometimes I have to say the command twice. I have to check out the code to see if I can figure out how to make it travel further than it does, right now it only travels about
1 1/2 ft.OK, I got it to travel a longer distance but you cant give it another command until it stops, so you can't really steer it around objects. At least I haven't found out yet if it will do that and how to do it.

I changed the code so that the Bot will run ten ft. forward or backward but I can't, yet, change commands while it's in the middle of it's run, such as, after five feet of it's run command it to turn right. I'm not sure if the module is capable of accepting new commands while one is running but I'll find out.