View Full Version : MacOSx, Getting Started with Stamp in Class for Boe-Bot

Doctor Who
01-15-2012, 02:05 AM
Hey Ya'll,

I'm really excited in beginning to build and program a robot. I got the Boe-Bot set just to get my brain warmed up. Now the book says to go to the Getting Started with Stamp in Class... But apparently you only get that on Windows PC, and I am running a MacOSx (and yes I had the same USB detection problem as everybody else, but after a few post reads got it fixed), but I don't seem to find anything on the Getting Started with Stamp in Class. And the book assumes that you will read and understand that before moving on. There is a reference guide in the MacBS2 compiler, but it doesn't seem to be the same material.

And Also the search bar on the forum doesn't seem to be returning any results I always end up in the what's new section. So i got to the USB problem thanks to Google linking to the forum, but no luck with the Getting Started with Stamp in Class.

Will really appreciate if someone can give me light on where to head from here..