View Full Version : BCD control via serial

Craig Tull
12-31-2011, 03:12 PM
Hello to all, I am a newbie to micro controllers and have not played much with Basic sense my days with the Timex Sinclair. I am seeking advice on the best approach to my needs. I am an Amateur radio operator and have the need to control a remote tuner that uses BCD to control band and frequency settings, it has 5 or 6 control lines total for 5 bands and 32 frequency segments and one line for tune request. Because of the distance from my shack and the desire to isolate the tuner from the shack as much as possible I would like to use some spread spectrum radios that I have with serial ports (RS-232) to control the tuner. The control panel should look old school to match my old Collins gear so a rotary switch will be used to control band/segment and a push button for tune request, The tuner is semi automatic in that one chooses the closest band/segment then transmits a "tune" carrier while activating the tune request to farther reduce the SWRs Once a change is initiated the outputs to the tuner must remain in that state until another change is made and the radios key on serial data.
Seems like a relatively easy task for a BS, I have a couple BS2s and a development board from some years ago to play with.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Craig A Tull