View Full Version : Hacked the Li-ion Battery Pack / Charger

12-19-2011, 12:43 AM
I am at it again I can not leave well enough alone I just had to do it

I am doing a project that I did not want to put the charger in the case with the Basic Stamp but I want a way to fast charge the Li-ion Battery Pack or a slow way to to charge the battery pack so I came up with this

This is only Part One of this project

As you can see I remove the battery holders and the temperature resisters that was on the Li-ion Battery Pack / Charger to a remote board
which is a double side board
I used a set of 9 pin connectors from Radio Shack
I also move the power in jack an and other power jacks to the bottom of the board this was done so I can easily SEE the two charging LED lights

I had talk to Mat in tech support about doing this a few weeks ago he ask me to post this when I was finished doing this hack