View Full Version : 4-H Robotics projects

12-13-2011, 01:37 PM

I was curious if anybody on the forums has had any experience with the 4-H Robots curriculum?

I've printed off the facilitator materials from their National site and have ordered and received (yesterday) the workbooks and DVDs and started to go through them. Our local and State (Ohio) organizations don't seem to have much knowledge or information on the Robotics programs (Horse and Livestock centric, go figure!)

Anybody out there ever work with or even hear of 4-H Robotics? I feel like a pioneer trying to bring Robots and STEM to the non-urban community!

The new 5-H: "Head, Heart, Hands, Health and H-Bridges" :lol:



P.S. Wow, I just realized how practical/popular a QuadRover could be in the 4-H community.....hmmmmmm......Robotic Border Collies, anybody??? Robotic electric fence testers/ menders?