View Full Version : Using C3 and SD card access.

11-16-2011, 11:31 PM
My project is a telemetry system, measuring rotational speeds as well as Analog values.
Rotational speeds was fairly easy, running 3 in separate cogs and storing adjusted results in global memory.
For SD access I'm using !SD_Card_Profiler by Agyemen and Green. (trimmed version)
The digital data I'm able to place in a string buffer and write to SDcard in CSV form for Excel to do graphing.
The problem I'm having is when I activate the demo SPI code to get the analog data, it kills the SD access (The analog does read correctly) . Looking at code, it looks like the SPI select in profiler isn't compatible with the C3 demo SPI code.
I'm using the demo routines in C3 docs for SPI access.
I'm hoping to not start over with a different fsrw setup but.....
I can post code if necessary
Rick Murray