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jim N8RHQ
11-04-2011, 04:21 AM
So I've been holding off putting an order together including the QuickStart board until the Parallax wifi module was ready. That worked well. Then after seeing my local RS didnt make the cut, or at least by 10/31 hadn't received any QuickStart boards, I decided on monday to order some new parts. I asked her not to tell me how much it totaled. $128.22. Damn it, I asked her not to tell me. Oh well, Merry Christmas to me.

Wednesday my order arrives. Wow! The QuickStart board looks even better in person than it does in pictures. The FM module is a flat out steal when buying it bundled. I expected I would still need to provide power, a connector, and headphones. Wrong. It's all included. A 9v battery with connector, headphones, and a $14.99 FM module for an extra $4.99. Very cool. Way to go Parallax. Oh yea, and it works too! It pulls in several more stations than I expected! Cant wait to poll the Received Signal Stength Indication values to see what they are. And play with the bass switch.

The Touch Pads -
I know some have experienced some difficulties with them. I have not. I was concerned they might not be reliable or hyper sensitive. At least so far with the "Touch Button" code included with the DIYFMRadioCode, they work great. It's currently 37% Humidity at 70F

QuickStart - Memsic 2125 Level Demo / Game
I like to take a lot of long exposure night photographs. Sometimes, in a really dark shot, I find it hard to find the horizon and get the camera level, as seen below when trying to shoot the aurora back on the 24th. So I was thinking the QuickStart board with it's eight LED's might make a fun level for my camera. After I got it wired up, I found it was kinda fun to play with. I handed to a friend and told him it was a game. "Keep it level, and all the lights come on" He said it was kinda hard. Try it out. If anyone else thinks it's fun, it can be added to the growing list of games for the Quickstart. Time will tell if it works out as a level.



11-04-2011, 10:24 AM
I got myself one of those bundles as well.. I have another quickstart board already but jumped on the bundle deal. I too was surprised by what was included. Too bad I can't use earbuds (don't have the funny earshape apparently needed for them), so unfortunately those go into the drawer together with all those others I've got with phones and things. Anyway, a great combo deal and fun to fiddle with. As I find more things to do with them I suspect I may end up with even more QS boards.