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10-28-2011, 10:23 AM
hey there,

i am new to the SPIN programming language, and need help with a little program...

i downloaded a program from the parallax website for the MS5607 altimeter and i need someone who is experienced with the SPIN language to modify it so it displays the altitude in meters on a 2-line,16 character LCD display as follows:

ALTITUDE <insert altitude here> M

i also got a program for the HMC5883L compass module and i need someone to modify the program so it shows the heading on the second line like this:

ALTITUDE: <insert altitude here> M
HEADING: <cardinal direction> <heading in degrees>

the cardinal direction can be N,S,E,W depending on the heading for example: HEADING: N 30 DEG

it should be possible by merging the programs into a single one and using a seperate cog for each process.

the programs are attached...8639386394

any help would be greatly appreciated