View Full Version : Remote controlled Stingray

10-25-2011, 06:29 PM

I'm doing a project and woundering about how to control two DC-motors on a Stingray-robot, using a phidget 1072(wireless). Im going to program a GUI in java, and use the arrows to control the robot. I have problems with how to set up the software communication between the parallax card 28230 and the phidget 1072(I have a usb connection)
Hope someone can give me som information and maybe examples about how I set up the communication.

or should I try a simpler way to do it?

I bought this.
1. 3702 - Wi-Fi USB Adapter w/SMA Antenna
2. 1072 - PhidgetSBC2
3. 3402 - USB Webcam
4. Stingray Robot (#28980)

thank you very much for answearing :)