View Full Version : A Fun Idea for Some Dead BASIC Stamps (and a couple others)

Maddie the Intern
08-26-2011, 10:04 PM
What do you think about magnets?

The dead BASIC Stamps and PING))) sensors are recycled at the end of the year during inventory, how about re-using them to decorate a fridge, an office, etc.?

Check out the picture below:


08-27-2011, 12:17 AM
Blown-up 'lectronics?

Use 'em in a public service display about the dangers of smoking.

08-27-2011, 01:34 AM
Make earrings out of them or other types of jewelry! The BS2 is quite a jewel you know.

Ken Gracey
08-27-2011, 02:02 AM
Maddie didn't show you the "RMA Wall of Shame". On this wall you'll find a bunch of customer-submitted Return Merchandise Authorizations that didn't quite look like normal usage. Some items are fully blackened and cooked with flames; others have massive solder blogs the size of a bumble bee.

Maddie, maybe you could photo the RMA Wall of Shame.

Ken Gracey

Tony B.
08-27-2011, 02:16 AM
I'd like a few of them as magnets. Could use them both at home and work. I still have my Parallax Christmas ornament hanging in my office. Everyone knows I'm a Parallax Groupie!

08-27-2011, 02:24 AM
What do you think about magnets?

Magnets? Well, ok.

But my question is, just how "dead" are these? Is there no chance for an industrious Parallaxalite to resurrect them, if bought on-the-cheap?

Maddie the Intern
08-29-2011, 04:43 PM
@davejames: Manufacturing tests the stamps and if some don't pass, they go through another process to see if they can be fixed. If they can be fixed, they are. If not, I get them! :)

84661 8466284663 8466484665 84666

Click on the pics to check out The RMA Wall of Shame (the one Ken mentioned earlier on this thread)!

08-29-2011, 08:08 PM
How sad for those poor things.