View Full Version : Levitation: SOLVED!

08-22-2011, 04:19 PM
Here's a video showing how to do "levitation" on a toy UFO. A nice illusion. Hard to believe the guy actually reveals how the trick is done. Magicians should NEVER reveal the secret. And now that the secret is out, how many more will they sell?


There are other "how to" videos in the sidebar. I guess there's no stopping all the kids who will reveal a trick's secret in exchange for Youtube views. Maybe the Science Center made this video as a pre-emptive measure to beat the kiddies at their own game.

I've seen this trick at the CES show in Las Vegas. An army of well-dressed group of guys take your business card and make it spin & float. Very well done. And for some reason, they're all wearing black! Another "thread" gone wrong... :)