View Full Version : SMD Marking codes?

08-14-2011, 03:13 AM
I've downloaded an SMD marking codes app, and spent at least three hours online to no avail. I have come into posession of a good assortment of SM devices, mostly with SOT-223, SOT-23 and SOIC packages. The SOICs are nicely marked with the usual standard numbers that their bigger siblings are marked with, but the SOT-223s and the SOT-23s are marked with the usual 2 to 5 digit SMD codes. Nowhere can I find a reliable answer to what these codes translate into. I got lucky and discovered that my SOT-23s marked 1P are 2N2222A transistors (very useful). But there are three in particular that seem to be completely unreferenced...

An SOT-223-4 with two lines of two characters each: V4 on the top line, 74 on the bottom line;

A package that looks like a half-size SOT-223-4 (but bigger than an SOT-23) that is clearly marked on one line: TP5AQ

And an SOT-23 package marked 5H

Does anyone have a reliable, always-has-the-code reference website/app/book/person that they can go to to find out what the mystery code is?

Thanks for any direction you may have for me...