View Full Version : Testing a new logo for size

08-06-2011, 11:29 AM
This tests the size, configuration & content of a new Humanoido Laboratory logo. Projects with microprocessors use Parallax processors, parts and sensors. New projects with speech synthesis and recognition requirements use the Propeller chip. The Parallax Propeller chip compliments or replaces the Votrax SC-01, General Instruments SPO256, SpeakJet, and numerous others. It also functions as an advanced sound chip.

The Propeller chip is now incorporated into various projects, robots, AI, electronics, programming, inventions, a space program, experiments with science & space time relativity, super microcontrollers, supercomputer projects, advanced research and future designs. New observatory equipment, dome drives, thermodynamic equalizers and telescopes are expected to incorporated multiple Propeller systems.

Humanoid robots use the Propeller chip for motion mobility, control, sensing, and machine brains. The Propeller chip is used for cutting edge technology projects, creative scientific experiments and thinking on the fringes of new exploration and discovery.

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