View Full Version : My 3 Spinneret Web Server's have arrived :) Now.. what to do with them

Bob Lawrence (VE1RLL)
05-14-2011, 03:57 AM
They sure are neat boards.:cool: I guess I'll start with some demo code and try to serve a basic web page.

I want to eventually use one to serve steel guitar tab(it's a number system for Steel Guitar players showing the strings to pluck and what fret to place the Bar on, in the piano world you would use notes) and MP3 example files.(they consists of examples of intros to songs, turnarounds, endings etc. We currently have a website to provide that service but it would be fun to put it all on a SD Micro card and serve the info with a Propeller chip. That would also allow for a portable system for when you don't have Internet access.

05-19-2011, 03:20 AM
If I had two I'd make a network cable tester with LCD readout. I do a lot of networking and one thing I did with my spinneret was to make it link for two seconds then shut down for a second and loop. I used it to find the end of an unmarked network cable plugged into an access point. I unplugged the access point, plugged in the spinneret and the went back to the switch and looked for the blinking link light. Worked great.