View Full Version : Solved stamp plot macros?

02-21-2011, 07:07 PM
I just started working with stamp plot today.Im trying to follow the process control manual some.I have the light sensing circuit working.LightAlarmWithSubroutines.bs2 I can get the values to plot,but I dont see any macros? I think I loaded this correctly sic_pc_light_level.It was suppossed to open some macros and Specialized Interface Controls for Process Control StampPlot Macros which dosent load either.I am closing the debug terminal when plotting values.also I think I have the right usb cable (parallax) connected.

I found my problem it was in Computer-Gateway(C:)-Program Files(x86) i have StampPlotPro V3.8b and StampPlotPro V3.Its in V3.

thanks Martin