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Stephen Moraco
01-03-2011, 10:10 PM
I'm working on a project wherein I need to use a couple of Spinnerets and I'm trying
to build up a collection of the best and latest mods to all of the driver files...
(This is a project under contract but if we decide it can be spoken of, you'll be the first
to hear about it :thumb:)

First off, Kudo's to all of you producing code for this board! You've done a tremendous
job and I'm enjoying using the boards because your code is so great!

So, why am I posting? It's to provide a heads-up to issues I'm facing in trying to get
latest and greatest. If I'm going about this the wrong way please advise.

Please also take this in the spirit it's offered: I simply want to help make it a bit
easier for all of us to share in your great work.

Here are a couple of my sightings to date:

Changes are made to files without adding comments as to why so I can't tell which
is the change I really want or if we left this code in as an experiment. When I see
these uncommmented changes I went to the README for the example
files looking for further hints but all I found was the standard auto-generated README:

if startCnt < timeoutCnt
if (currentCnt >= timeoutCnt) OR (currentCnt < startCnt)


if startCnt < timeoutCnt
if (currentCnt => timeoutCnt) OR (currentCnt < startCnt)

Most are uploading code with DOS <CRLF> line endings, at least one of
us are uploading the same files with only <CR> line endings ("<LF> only" is UNIX, right?).
I'll PM the person involved but please note that these files initially compare badly until
I convert one or the other to the other format. After I do this then I can compare
the files to see what changes have been made. It's a good thing that my editors
know how to do the conversions! But suppose I want to make a change and
distribute my example... which format should I use for upload? Does it depend
upon who's code I modified?

I'm finding that changes are being made in the files but the version numbers
are not being changed and revision comments at the top of the files are not being updated.

We all know that file renaming versus version control both have their PROs and CONs but
let's please do whichever carefully so we don't cause confusion as to which is the latest. I'm seeing the exact
filename being distributed in multiple code archives but the file content is different. We should carefully name the
files or we should have a central repository for latest if we are going to use the same filename...

Also, to help each other out, feel free to reply with other sightings
to which we should pay attention.

Thanks again all for your great work!
Happy New Year!

(former debian developer, former process engineer for 50+ member R&D teams, I just always think about efficiency when using code others have developed...)

Stephen Moraco
01-04-2011, 02:23 AM
I believe I found the reason to the code example I cited. I had to go back to the language REF.

File: DHCP.spin ~Line(386): (and three more occurrences following)
I think the change was from >= to => with the intent of correcting an accidental use of an assignment operator.

This ring a bell with anybody? If I'm right the version in: HTTP_Demo_CassLan - Archive [Date 2010.11.21 Time 20.08].zip
has the incorrect operators (Heads up!).

NEW: Yep, I found the confirmation by rereading post #28 to Roy Eltham's DHCP working thread!