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Jay Kickliter
11-16-2010, 10:01 PM
Just got a shipment of 22 Propeller business card PCB's from Gold Phoenix in the PRC. I haven't populated one yet, but they look good enough to give out bare at least. Read more here (http://www.chasingtrons.com/main/2010/11/7/pcb-business-card.html).

11-16-2010, 10:55 PM
Very nice!

11-17-2010, 01:16 AM
:O .... I don't see a pad for the 5MHz crystal. Using prop's internal?

Jay Kickliter
11-17-2010, 12:34 PM
You're correct. I'm going to use an internal clock. It's designed to run off a coin cell, so it might not even work as is, and definitely won't work with a crystal and PLL.

Most other people who have made these use low voltage/power microcontrollers, I'm definitely pushing it by using a Prop. But like I said, it doesn't need to work, but it would be nice.

:O .... I don't see a pad for the 5MHz crystal. Using prop's internal?

11-17-2010, 01:41 PM
I think it is very cute, and I would be very very happy if someone give me such a business card.

11-17-2010, 01:58 PM
Perfect for a job interview. You can bet it would be shown to everyone in the company - including senior mgmt.

11-17-2010, 01:59 PM
Nice job on the board! That's a card someone will remember.


11-17-2010, 03:24 PM
This is fantastic! I can see many applications for this little card!

11-17-2010, 03:29 PM
Also congratulations on a great project at your web site! It's good to see your code for download. I wish everyone could share such excellent Spin code! I would like to see more!

11-17-2010, 03:34 PM
You're correct. I'm going to use an internal clock. It's designed to run off a coin cell, so it might not even work as is, and definitely won't work with a crystal and PLL.

It'll look fantastic even if it is just showing random LED lights.

11-17-2010, 03:34 PM
Image fetches seem to be slow. I just got a chance to look at your card. Took a few clicks before I just waited it out this morning.

It's GREAT!! Visually very appealing. Hope there are some great contacts in your future. They should appreciate the card.

Duane Degn
11-17-2010, 03:38 PM
I noticed in your schematic you don't have any resistors in series with the LEDs. Are they not needed because of the lower voltage?

You say it doesn't need to work. Come on, it has to work for the extra cool factor.

After reading about the Defcon badges that Joe Grand makes, I've often thought about making some sort of badge using a Propeller. Now you've got me wondering about what a Prop powered business card could do. (Besides suck a coin cell dry fast.)

It does look cool. And now I know what QR Codes are.

Is the idea to give them out unpopulated?

Duane Degn

Jay Kickliter
11-17-2010, 05:30 PM
Thanks for the compliments everyone. In case you didn't read the blog, I want it to be known that I borrowed heavily from someone else's design I saw on the internet; I just put my own circuit on it and didn't use silkscreen for the text and QR code, which looks great. If anyone wants to use my eagle files (on the blog), I highly recommend that if you do include a QR code of your own, do put it on the silkscreen layer. Two different model iPhones I tried had a hard time reading it, since the silver caused nasty reflections.

@Duane. I purposely left out the series resistors. Your assumption is correct, with the blue LED's I'm using, and a VDD of approximately 3V, the current should be around 5ma. And I'd love for board to work, but I'm so busy in my senior year at school that I wont get a chance to reflow one for several more weeks. Additionally, the price of the parts plus the $6 board would make for one prohibitively expensive card that wont fit in a wallet. So, yes, I plan on giving them out unpopulated, and sparingly at that.

I'll add a follow-up post to the blog when I throw some parts on one of the cards, whether it works or now. I know some people have talked about running a Prop of a coin-cell, and not much data if it can be done.

Jay Kickliter
12-03-2010, 11:51 PM

It works. The schematic and layout are good, if anyone wants to download and modify Eagle files to make your own.

12-04-2010, 12:08 AM
Very impressive Jay !!!

Phil Pilgrim (PhiPi)
12-04-2010, 12:19 AM
Nice, Jay! Just out of curiosity, I uploaded the address of your image in the first post here:


It deciphered the QR code on your card, and came back with "http://www.kickliter.com", which I assume is correct.


12-04-2010, 03:14 PM
Now that's REALLY cool .... now let's add a music to go with it .... :p

12-07-2010, 12:32 PM
I like the card, but...

Instead of that batteryholder, make a cutout the size of your battery and place a thin strip of metal on either side of the card so that the battery slots in between them.(You'll need a through--hole connection to transfer the ground plane, though.)
Should make for a thinner overall design.
Probably don't need a CR2032, either, maybe a thinner model like the CR2012 since that shaves off 2mm.
(Power drops from 250mAH to 50mAH. Just not certain if the CR2012 can deliver the current needed to power the Propeller. I'd test it but I don't have any laying about.)

Also, have you seen the thin, flat piezo disks used in watches and those old Game&Watch toys?
(No clue as to where to get them, though)

Jay Kickliter
12-26-2010, 08:12 PM
I got a mention on Hackaday (http://hackaday.com/2010/12/26/hackaday-links-december-26-2010/). I was wondering why my site was suddenly getting so many hits.

12-26-2010, 10:11 PM
Congratulations Jay in making the Hackaday site.

12-27-2010, 05:45 AM
Jay, congratulations!

12-28-2010, 06:56 PM

Without a doubt, it is the best business card I have ever seen in 45 years of living. Nice Job!


Jay Kickliter
12-28-2010, 07:42 PM
Thanks. The next version is going to be a lot cooler. Now I know I can use an even smaller battery, and more LED's. Gonna add holes for a crystal, but I don't expect it to work.

12-29-2010, 11:44 PM

I can't wait to see it when you are completely happy with it. I am sure it will be even more impressive.