View Full Version : Object for controller-less graphic LCD

11-15-2010, 12:16 PM
Hello everybody,

I've created my first SPIN/PASM application and posted it to OBEX. It is a controller for T6A39/T6A40 graphic LCDs without the T6963C controller.
I've extracted such display from a Toshiba copier and had it hanging around for ~2 years because I didn't have a device with 2K framebuffer memory.

The tests were done with a HLM6244 display (240x64), so there might be problems for other resolutions, although I've tried to have everything in parameters.

Please feel free to suggest improvements as it will help me a lot with learning both SPIN and PASM.

The object is here: http://obex.parallax.com/objects/683/