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11-08-2010, 05:32 PM
instead of posting to and hijacking someone else's thread, I figured I'd post a new one about the DS2760 kit.
I took Timothy D. Swieter's code and tried modifying that, but wound up just writing my own. At the same time I used his TC table lookup function and the data table from his from TJHJ.

This version is based on "Jon McPhalen's 1-wire code.

some of my math routines are probably sloppy but they work and I think are somewhat understandable (at least to me,, I've only been working with propellers now for about a week.. best I can do at this point)

Compared to Tim's version, the functions are pretty much the same. Getting the CJ temp, the Vin etc, the only difference is in how I handle the data when the TC is colder than the cold junction or at the same temp.

Feedback/corrections appreciated.. and it's also not to say that the thing is ready for prime time but seems to work OK for both temps above CJ and below (I measured my soldering iron and someone's lunch bio experiment from the break room freezer)

oops: I have this running on a demo board with the ds2760 kit on pin4 and running from 3.3v