View Full Version : Generic emulated LM8560 clock system using Prop

John A. Zoidberg
11-05-2010, 04:43 AM
Hello there,

We know that a simple clock can be done by using one 8-bit microcontroller. Hardware interrupts, timers and stuff allows me to build one.

But, with the Prop, we can actually split the display, keypad scanning and decoding of RTC data into three cores, with the other cores reserved for something else.

This is the clock, compiled and programmed in two weeks.

Also, the learning of the Spin language takes me 16 hours total, and I built it directly after the tutorials provided.

I know the whole thing can be done by one microcontroller, I'm building the system using Prop as a proof-of-concept. The clock system will be extended to a full row of LED matrix display which I'll do it next. :D

edit: The original clock chip LM8560 doesn't have an RTC nor any date functions inside. I had to add these, so I admit that it is just loosely based on the clock chip.