View Full Version : Fast 23K256 driver???

11-01-2010, 06:00 PM
Does anybody know of a faster driver for this particular chip? My current design uses the SPI_ASM object and it can only eek out a few of kilobytes a second(Even in sequential read mode)...I need something quite a bit faster. I have also tried Mike Green's driver to no avail. What do you guys use? Thanks for the help!!

11-01-2010, 07:31 PM
I found this in the forum and had it exercising one 23k256 chip on the Propeller Development board with no errors.
It took me awhile to find the thread where it is attached.
ARIBA posted it in http://forums.parallax.com/showthread.php?t=121326&highlight=sram_contr20.spin

I used Viewport to watch the pins wiggle and to watch the error counter.


11-02-2010, 03:58 AM
Would love to see a screenshot of how you're using ViewPort to exercise the memory!

11-02-2010, 08:42 PM
Here are a couple of captures.
Pin 23 is chip select
Pin 24 is the data pin
Pin 25 is the clock
The clock switches between 20MHZ writing and 10Mhz reading . The second capture shows this.
The last capture is the count after it ran a bit.

11-02-2010, 08:48 PM
Image vp_1 shows missing edges. That is not the case in the captured image I have. It is a function of it getting rescaled in the process of uploading it to here.