View Full Version : Custom graphics in TV object.

05-19-2010, 07:00 AM
Is anyone known with making graphics for propeller?

Could that someone help me setup a face for my robot using the Graphics & tv object?

I want it to be a simple face. Eyes should blink and mouth needs to move while playing sound. Maybe like a VU-meter?
Also i want a growing logo (just 1 or 2 colors) and when in full screen a black line has to go horizontally through the middle of the logo. This will be my init screen.

I know how to make the pictures. Just not how to place them in the right position and make them move.

1 Parallax Propeller Robot Control Board
1 Memsic MX2125 accelerometer/ tilt
1 Parallax Ping))) ultrasonic sensor

a few motors and a whole lot of chaos!