View Full Version : Simple code problem causing memory over-run?

05-18-2010, 02:33 AM
I am trying to use the Motor Minder object from the exchange and having a problem that should be pretty easy, but I can't seem to see it...

The object works great, except about every 2-3 seconds I will get a random number, normally pretty high. Example, if I was consistantly getting a 331, it will return a 7500 every few seconds, or 700 consistantly will return 20000 every few seconds...

I am guessing this may be due to some type of a memory over run?
I am just learning about the counters in each cog. Does anyone see anything that stands out that would cause this error?
Does anyone see something I should force to zero on each repeat?

Motor_Minder = object
Motor_Minder_Test_Simple = an object I use just to debug and test

Thanks a ton for your help... I must just be overlooking something obvious...