View Full Version : problems with: Wheel Kit with Position Controller/HB25

05-18-2010, 12:50 AM
I have the Motor Mount and Wheel Kit with Position Controller in conjunction with HB25's.

I have checked and double checked the connections. I had this set up working about 9 months ago. changed nothing, now it doesn't work.
I swapped out the Propeller with a Prop studio board. does the same thing. I downloaded the Roll demo from the OBEX and it does the same thing.


when I run the roll demo, I turn on the prop wait a sec, turn on the motors (via a switch). motors are stationary. the code waits 5 seconds then goes forward for 5 seconds, which the motors do with out issue. once the code has finished, the motor "go crazy" going forward, backwards pulsing like crazy etc. I have to totally reset every thing for them to work.

I changed the code to go forward then backwards, and it completed the forward command and then went crazy.

any help would be appreciated, I've exhausted my options.



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