View Full Version : rusty and dusty on the stamp???

03-25-2010, 04:35 AM
Its been about a few years from the last time i did anything with my basic stamp. The last thing i built was a lightning detector and it worked good till the 2nd time it got struck by lightning(i know that does not sound right but it happened).move foward to today and i ordered the bs2 carrier board and ordered the bs2p24 back in 08 and has been sitting till today never used.Here is where im loosing it. i installed the new bs2p24 on the new carrier board and went to see if the basic stamp software v2.4.2 would talk to the board and it says no basic stamp found. Unhooked the basic stamp and installed the home work board i have and it reads back?when i got to the download screen,on the loopback and echo it comes back no, but when i switch to the homework board all is good and it down loads the program? what could be the problem? the only difference i see in the carrier board is it has to resistors on the side of the board.The lightning program i have is written and you can search the web under basic stamp lightning detector. The reason im using the bs2p24 is i would like to have a l.c.d display read the total strikes of but i need the board to talk to the program? so any help would be good.thanks steven· e-mail· propwash79@aol.com (mailto:propwash79@aol.com)

03-25-2010, 05:36 AM
Steve the only thing I can think of is sometimes when I switch between my basic stamp BS2 boe bot and my BS OEM board I have to close the IDE and reopen each time or it will not recognize my boards if are leaving the software program running and you just switch stamps that could be a problem

03-28-2010, 11:12 PM
thanks for the help and i tryed that and it still does not work or even power up.