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03-24-2010, 04:51 PM
I know these topics have been worn out in a sense, but I have'nt found a direct answer yet so I figured I would ask the Stamp gurus and save some time.
Thanks in advance. I know there are several methods of communicating with the basic stamp from pc wireless. Xbee, bluetooth, etc. In your opinion, whats the most efficient
way to send constant data back and forth? Whats the easiest method? I am fairly new to the BS2 obviously. I want to experiment with wireless control of the stamp but
I want to start off with the easiest method available rather than put money into a project and figure out later it was not the best method.

For the next question, I know that the cheapest way and the easiest way are usuallly not on the same level. I want the ability to play MP3s. Can you give me your opinion of the easiest way vrs the cheapest?

I am not asking for a product war or anything because I love the bs2. I am curious however about the ups and downs of picaxe when compared to the basic stamp.

Thanks in advance guys.

03-24-2010, 07:07 PM
Your question is too wide open as it is. What is easy? Is easy for those of us with 20, 30, 40 years experience easy for you?

When you say you want to play mp3's, how does that tie into the Stamp? Is the Stamp going to control a standard mp3 player or do you want the Stamp to process the mp3 data in real-time (thats probably not going to happen).

For your wireless on the PC end, what is sending the data out the serial port? Are you going to write software to run on the PC? Do you have software already that will get it out of the PC?

Add some detail and we can give it another try.

Tom Sisk


03-24-2010, 08:57 PM
Check out the VMusic2 device if you want to play MP3's from a thumb drive. It can be implemented with the BS2.

03-25-2010, 12:37 AM
Here are the sites that discuss the picaxe vs the stamp www.google.com/search?q=picaxe+vs+basic+stamp&rls=com.microsoft:en-us&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1&rlz= (http://www.google.com/search?q=picaxe+vs+basic+stamp&rls=com.microsoft:en-us&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1&rlz=)

- Stephen

03-25-2010, 04:43 PM
I am asking the question thus I would like to know an easy way for me. Makes sense right?

As for wireless communication from pc to bs2... whether or not I use a serial port, write a VB app, etc depends on your answers. A premade assumption is that I will indeed have to write a VB app to handle communication unless there is an easier method. I am asking for your opinions. Maybe bluetooth would be easier for a beginner to implement in wireless communication. Or a simple VB6 app and Xbee module. Even though its a broad question, a narrow answer is possible for those of you who have tried various methods.


Thanks for the link. Thats exactly what I was looking for. Now if I can make it work as well as the description, all will be well.

03-26-2010, 04:40 AM
For easy communications go with xbee.

- Stephen