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03-18-2010, 12:40 AM
The DATA directive can reserve space for Write commands or can place data in EEPROM locations, right?·
The READ and WRITE commands are effected by the STORE command, so is the DATA directive effected by STORE?·

Related question:· Does the Memory map displayed· show the EEPROM for the bank that you are in, or?
I have a STORE 0 command in all 6 programs loaded in banks 0 through 5, yet the Memory Map shows that memory as allocated no matter what bank you are viewing.

03-18-2010, 05:10 AM
The memory map just displays what memory will be used by the program, but does not display the actual memory in the EEPROM.

I just have the "What is a Microcontroller?" board which has just one EEPROM memory slot. And at the following link are some little programs which will display the EEPROM contents for that board.

I should think you could add a line or two at the top to dump a specific EEPROM slot for other stamp boards which have multiple memory slots?

Note these programs take up a bit of space at the very bottom (top so far as the numbering goes) of memory.

My last post at the following link (dated 2/28/2010 ) has two programs which dump memory just like memory map. One in hex and the other in ascii. However because it is more fancy, it also takes up more memory than the dump programs above that.

Also be aware that the EEPROM keeps *everything*, so there will probably be a lot of garbage left over from other programs.

Anyway here is that link...